Program Overview

As an independent school in the province of British Columbia, we are blessed with the freedom to weave our faith-based perspective into the fabric of our school life and educational programming. Together as a Christian community, we celebrate that there is not one square inch in the whole domain of human existence that does not belong to Jesus Christ. 

The teaching staff at HCS develop units and design lessons that blend the provincially required curricular components into rich learning experiences embedded in the Biblical story. A Christian education at HCS is not simply the BC curriculum “plus” a Bible class or a “tagged on” Christian perspective. It is a deep commitment to educate, engage, and equip our students for a life of responsible discipleship and service to our Lord.

HCS uses a framework called Biblical Throughlines, which allows teachers and students to authentically recognize the fingerprints of God in all learning. Students are encouraged and challenged daily to actively pursue the heart of God – to care for and about the things that He loves. It is a deep and rich model that enhances the faith journey of the whole community, as each learning experience is celebrated as an opportunity to enter into a deeper relationship with our God.